Advisory Service

IAM Advisory has over 30 years experience in developing effective investment structures that put the investor in control of all the risks involved in managing an investment portfolio. This service is used by the full range of client types from sovereign wealth funds, endowments, pension funds, family offices, captive insurance, high net wealth and trust funds.

We assist clients in designing and implementing investment policies that are appropriate to their risk capacity and risk appetite, customising an asset allocation structure, researching manager or fund selection, appointing the manager, monitoring portfolio investments against a client’s risk and return requirements, supporting the ongoing interaction with managers and developing a coherent investment strategy at the total portfolio level.

It provides comprehensive, proactive advice and support at a modest level of fees that are quickly recoverable through direct savings in costs and commissions – and this is before the significant gains achieved through improved investment returns and the comfort of better risk controls.

Investment advisory service comprises:

Our investment advisory service is most effective when total assets exceed $10 million.