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Sustainable Investing Service

Whether advising a private client, portfolio of trust clients, or sovereign wealth fund, our core Advisory Service can include a sustainable investment lens with which to support clients who wish to invest in a targeted way to reflect their own beliefs and aims for their investments.

It is central to our view as an advisor that compliance with reasonable sustainable investment standards will contribute to investment returns and avoid significant risks relative to not having such standards over the medium term. 

Through the IAM Advisory service, our clients are taken, step-by-step, through a formal, practical but flexible process resulting in bespoke investment guidelines and objectives which include ethical or sustainable investment goals. This is a practical framework that can be cost effectively applied.

A dynamic investment structure is then designed to contain risks at an appropriate level subject to the sustainable investment guidelines set. This still ensures sufficient flexibility to meet investment objectives and maximise investment returns net of all fees. Our selection process then incorporates asset managers’ ESG policy, implementation and outcomes. Clients can reassure themselves that their views on ESG are implemented by integrating them into investment mandates and our monitoring process. Typically, this involves agreeing a Sustainable Investment Policy Framework to monitor the integration of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) factors. The IAM SI Standard Policy Framework is often the starting point, which can be amended for a client bespoke framework.

IAM analyses and monitors the fund managers and funds against the SI Policy Framework, reporting results annually. Impact reports are summarised, where practical, to ensure sustainable investment objectives are met.

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IAM Advisory are committed to supporting sustainable investment and are proud to be a signatory of the UN Principles for Responsible Investment

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