Alternative transport week

21 May 2024 - by Jennifer Strachan

IAM Supports Alternative Transport Week and Les Bourg Hospice

This week IAM is supporting both Alternative Transport Week and Les Bourg Hospice 30/30 Cycle Challenge fund raiser. We are proud to be an Alternative Transport firm most days, with the majority of IAM staff regularly commuting to work on e-bike, cycle, bus and walking. It helps that we have several staff in town and those who have the resources to get e-bikes. But we find the following initiatives may help our high uptake:

Flexible working – allowing staff to leave slightly early to catch their best bus

Doing the best we can – we know childcare arrangements, sports or shopping commitments mean sometimes it is not possible to commute without a car. And a torrential downpour does sometimes see a few in cars that don’t usually drive.

And finally,

Leading by example from the top

Our Chairman Michael Strachan is a well-known cyclist around town and has had his bike for nearly 7 years with over 5,000m on the clock. He rarely uses a car, preferring to improve his health rather than sitting in traffic and having to worry about his parking clock.

Our MD Simon Bowden regularly bikes and walks and is currently in his fourth year participating in the 30/30 Cycle Challenge, riding 30 rides in 30 days raising needed funds for Bourg Hospice. Go ‘The Four Amigos’!

To support the 30/30 Cycle Challenge, click here