AMps (Active Management Performance Standards) is IAM Advisory’s innovative, well established, proprietary software. It enables the client to fully access a fund manager’s potential and encourages the development of ‘active’ investment skills by allowing the manager the freedom to maximise risk-adjusted returns within a flexible structure, unconstrained by market indices.

AMps software, which has been successfully developed over 35 years, is used in IAM Advisory’s investment process as the central tool in the following key areas,

AMps, when used as part of a disciplined process, provides the potential for significantly better risk adjusted returns to current benchmark-relative and passive investment management.

The approach directly and successfully addresses one of the central problems in modern investment management, being the ever-increasing reliance on market benchmarks, market peer group comparisons, standard risk buckets and consequent passive or semi-passive investment management. AMps ensures active management, customised to the client, can properly contribute to investment performance.

AMps has a successful, long term record of being the basis for superior risk-adjusted returns, improved risk monitoring and cost control. It is regarded as attractive by fund managers, as it allows them to think independently, enabling them to perform to their potential and freeing them from the inevitable constraints of a passive benchmark standard.