The AMps Advantage

AMps is a well-established part of the IAM Advisory investment process with a proven track record for significantly improving risk adjusted returns based on proprietary software.

AMps – a Central Tool

  • Used to construct the optimal investment portfolio structures at the total portfolio level and to allocate risks and responsibilities to underlying managers

  • Identifying funds/managers that are really performing through active management

  • A seamless methodology for monitoring and managing subsequent risk and performance by ‘grading’ managers’ returns monthly

  • A solution to measuring investment performance under complex unconstrained guidelines to ensure managers have maximum flexibility to achieve client objectives, whilst still keeping risk under control

  • Addressing the problem of measuring management under ‘unconstrained’ and/or absolute return strategies

  • AMps derived guidelines are an effective alternative to the issue of index benchmarking, ‘closet benchmarking’ or set market-based targets that restrict true flexibility and do not focus on positive real rates of return

  • Provides flexible standards that can be customised to each client, manager or fund and thus reflect the real world

  • Ensures continuous risk control in absolute and relative terms

  • Encourages managers to think independently and perform well, often outside their own expectations

AMps has a successful, long term record of being the basis for superior risk-adjusted returns, improved risk monitoring and cost control

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