Showcasing Sustainable investing at the IoD

13 October 2020 - by Jennifer Strachan

We are pleased that Jennifer Strachan, our Sustainability and Business Development Manager, will be co-hosting the upcoming IoD Guernsey Branch Talk, “Are you Leading a Sustainable Business”.

As a signatory of The Principles of Responsible Investment (PRI), IAM Advisory has been a leader in structuring, monitoring, and controlling sustainable investment portfolios while ensuring fund managers are held to account to the agreed investment objectives, including sustainability targets.

One of our priorities at IAM Advisory, and one of the six UN-supported PRI principles, is to share knowledge of ESG investment challenges, risks and opportunities, and Jennifer will be setting out the challenges, regulations and support platforms for business leaders when developing their sustainability strategy.

Tickets for the breakfast event on Friday, 23rd October, are available from the IoD on the link below.