Proprietary Systems

Our approach relies on well-proven and innovative proprietary tools developed originally for sovereign wealth funds. The core system, IAM Manager, is a database application, which is used: to maintain client records; to calculate movement, performance and risk statistics; and to produce the monthly reports that are a key part of our service. IAM Manager is capable of interfacing with client systems.

AMps, or Active Management Performance Standards, are part of our established solution to the investment world’s reliance on – and dissatisfaction with – index benchmarks and peer group comparisons. The process, which has formed a key part of our approach since its inception, provides, ex-ante, a flexible customised standard for investment performance, that defines a manager’s range of opportunities and, ex post, a methodology for evaluating and grading how effectively each manager has taken advantage of their mandate. It is essentially dynamic and forces managers to make decisions rather than rely on the ‘comfort’ of a neutral benchmark position.

These tools are just part of our ‘hands-on’ approach and are, of course, only as good as the people using them. Our clients have the benefit of a team with significant practical experience of both investment advice and direct management – who, as seasoned professionals, are fully aware of both the theoretical issues and the practical problems of managing investments and managing managers.