We have a proactive approach to managers. We control risk with our unique proprietary software and use this to create dynamic structures that demand active and effective management from discretionary managers. Each portfolio within the investment structure is then monitored on a regular and ongoing basis.

The Monthly Report

Our service includes a monthly report. The level of detail contained within the report is tailored to clients’ individual needs and includes sections on:

We have found that our clients often come to regard our reports as the authoritative single source for understanding and managing their affairs from an investment perspective.

Manager Review

As well as monitoring and controlling the total portfolio, our standard procedures also include a pro forma programme for each of the constituent managers under which regular meetings are held, often attended by the client. Our relationships with managers are proactive and dialogue-based rather than a mere assessment of performance statistics. The objective is to improve the manager's performance.

Client Review

Regular meetings are also held with the client to ensure that we are kept up to date on any changes in circumstances or profile. Likely inflows or outflows etc.

We have access to leading research and we collate this and adapt it for each portfolio to deliver stimulating and thought provoking presentations at a level appropriate to each client. These presentations are often regarded as a highlight of the service.