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Forensic Service

The IAM Forensic service supports clients involved in dispute resolution where there is an investment issue with clear advice and forensic reports. Our service is backed up by our years of investment experience and our leading edge analytics.

The IAM Forensic Advantage

Our established investment expertise, systems and databases provide support to clients, trusts, and insurers, pension plans and their legal advisors who are involved in the growing trend for litigation to resolve investment management issues with the attendant expense and reputational risk that such litigation implies. For these clients, our IAM Forensic service provides a dedicated resource, supporting clients since 2000.

We can provide the following elements:

Audit Service

Our audit service reviews individual client structures or an entire client base. We will identify problem areas - anticipating and preventing the causes of disputes before they occur – and give advice on risk control procedures going forwards.

Dispute resolution support service

IAM offers independent and objective expert assistance in a cost-effective manner when investment disputes are heading towards or already in a litigation process. Our analytics expertise means we are often asked to analyse and advise on historic returns, projected historic investment returns, risk analysis, the division of trusts and the sale of key assets. The service provides detailed reports based on full access to IAM Advisory’s expertise, data and systems. Our advice often results in an early settlement at minimum expense and substantial savings versus initial claims.  For plaintiffs we can often offer routes to full recovery of losses not usually considered.  We can also provide an expert witness if the dispute escalates to court. Fees are flexible, being a function of the number and size of client structures involved. They are charged according to the work and the seniority of personnel involved. In certain cases, fees can be based on performance.

Forensic training programme

Our forensic training group programme is designed for trustees and family offices, to improve understanding of the implications of current regulations regarding fiduciary responsibility for client assets. We walk through actual case studies to learn from the issues that are involved and how they could have been avoided. We describe cost effective standard procedures to control litigation risks from the outset. These seminars are free of charge.

In-depth investment analytics

Our in-house technology platform, AMps, both assists in the process of structuring investment portfolios and monitors risk and return on your portfolios, identifying problems at an early stage. AMps encourages managers to adapt dynamically to market conditions. Forensic cases benefit from the software’s ability to identify retrospectively performance and risk attributes, providing undisputed data to back up the claims of plaintiff or defendant, often finding an acceptable middle ground.

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